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Surveys and Analytics

Surveys and Analytics

75% of mobile users are using their mobile devices for shopping.
Digital Maps Production

Digital Maps Production

Around 27 cities around Sudan are totally mapped in digital format.
data collection

data collection

is captured and delivered, maintaining geospatial data precision, details
Wain Finder

Wain Finder

Online location search directory had been implemented to find anywhere in Khartoum (www.wainfinder.com).
Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

Bluebell advanced Tracking solutions allow you to have a much deeper insight into your fleet’s performance.
Satellite Imageries

Satellite Imageries

We are reseller to several high resolution satellite imageries, in addition to our experience in  image processing.

Key Features

Drones Experience

Vehicle Tracking System

Satellite Imageries

Market Research

Engineering Design

Network Planning

Market Research


Network Analysis

Transportation Modelling

Topographic Analysis

Data Collection

Land Management

Wain Finder

Demographic Analysis

Employee Empowerment

Our employees take pride in their work and the support they provide to their customers.

Maintenance Services

Bluebell offers a flexible and comprehensive maintenance program staffed by more than 5 full-time support analysts

Consultation Services

Consultation services involve five main services discussed below:


Respect for our customers is always in the forefront of our minds.


We understand that our success directly contributes

Service Excellence

Our support team is committed to providing a consistent level of personalized


We are concerned about the challenges our customers face.


is a leading Geo-Spatial Services Provider. As a company uniquely positioned to transform the way our clients use geo-marketing, GIS information and other Geo-Spatial Technologies. Bluebell has managed to maintain its superiority over the years achieving a prominent regional position, through its commitment to excel in the field of GIS.

Our Vision & Mission:

As a company uniquely positioned to transform the way our clients use geospatial information, Bluebell is committed to the community, our customers, employees, and partners. Bluebell provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Our Values:

Bluebell employees share a set of core values. We believe that incorporating these values as basic elements of our business dealings will result in delivering professional high quality services to you and building the trust of all our stakeholders.

Our Latest Projects

Enhancing sales using mapping models:

Geo-Modelling for distribution Companies:

Demographic Classification using satellite imageries:

Socio-Economic measurements Using Satellite Imageries:

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