Our support team is committed to providing a consistent level of personalized support to our user community. Support analysts are available and prepared to provide assistance to our customers on first contact.
We understand the changing needs of individuals and businesses, and work with our customers to provide skilled specialists based on customer requirements and schedules

We are concerned about the challenges our customers face. Because of this, we are dedicated and passionate about providing focused, prudent support. We strive to assist our users with the successful implementation of GIS as a tool for effective decision making and geospatial planning

Respect for our customers is always in the forefront of our minds. We are sincere and keenly interested in supporting their work with GIS. Through their continued ingenuity and imagination, our customers inspire and motivate us to deliver tailored support to meet their changing needs.
Collectively, we are a unified support organization built on admiration and respect for one another

We understand that our success directly contributes to the success of our customers. We recognize and reward outstanding performance. We set high standards and hold ourselves accountable for achieving our goals. Our demand for excellence allows us to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction while continually pushing ourselves to exceed our expectations

Our employees take pride in their work and the support they provide to their customers. We encourage, trust, and empower our employees to advance the shared mission of support excellence. We strive to provide opportunities and an environment where our employees can reach their full potential as talented and creative professionals

Bluebell offers a flexible and comprehensive maintenance program staffed by more than 5 full-time support analysts. The customers’ technical requests are received by Bluebell technical staff forwarded to the responsible technical person. Customer’s problems are handled on the basis of customers’ support Programs.
Maintenance service is provided to the customer via different methods and Programs
To satisfy all customers’ needs by all means of communication.
The below matrix illustrates combination between Maintenance services and maintenance Programs.
We provide maintenance program during the warranty period for the product, post warranty period through one of our maintenance programs.
The aim of the technical support is to reach the customers by all means of communication, at their ease, providing the service that they require. Calls are accepted by phone, fax or email

Maintenance Programs

Warranty Period Support

Post-Warranty Period Support

Service Program

Basic:         Standard       Advanced       Premium 

Free :         Purchased       Purchased       Purchased 

Purchased :    Purchased        Purchased       Purchased

Maintenance program matrix

Warranty Period Support

The product provided to the customer is covered by a warranty for a period of one year, starting from the date of issuance of the “Customer Acceptance Form”, after finishing the software installation and testing procedures.
At this period you are provided by the basic Program for free, you can purchase any higher Program during the warranty period . At the end of this warranty period, it is recommended that customers ensure continued support by subscribing to one of our annual support programs.

Post-Warranty Program

Bluebell support philosophy is to provide our users with all the information and guidance they need to achieve their objectives with products.
At the end of the warranty period, it is recommended that you ensure continued support by subscribing to one of our annual support programs.

Consultation services involve five main services discussed below:

  • Site Needs Assesments
  • Industry Based Integration
  • Building Roadmops
  • Constructing Data Models
  • Maintaining &Tuning Geodatabases

Site Needs Assessments

When contemplating the implementation of GIS in your organization, a needs assessment is made. A needs assessment, or the process of developing system requirements, is generally developed by documenting the ways in which an organization uses information. It is the evaluation of existing systems and their capabilities to perform future processing needs. The purpose of a GIS need assessment is to study the issues and considerations for the implementation of a GIS for an organization.

GIS Industry Based Integration

At Bluebell we seek to provide an extensive range of high-quality solutions that supports our clients’ needs from GIS strategic design, infrastructure planning, database development, to application programming, systems integration, and enterprise testing and implementation. Moreover, our expertise is spread across several industries. The application of GIS technology in each industry varies, and this is reflected in the diverse array of solutions we provide within each.
Moreover, being CMMI and ISO Certified entails that quality is an integral component in every phase of any solution we provide. At Bluebell all our solutions utilize standard procedures and templates. Our formal project management methodology is standards based and well structured, allowing efficient management of the scope, requirements, and resources.

Building Roadmaps

The adoption of technological innovations such as GIS is not always a straightforward process. The adoption of GIS into an organization introduces fundamental change into the organization in its thinking about data.
Building road maps is the first major step in implementing a successful GIS within an organization. The road map is a systematic look at how departments function and the spatial data needed to do their work. Conducting a GIS road map fosters cooperation and enhanced communication among departments by working together on a common technology and new set of tools.